Earning respect typically takes time and effort, built on a foundation of demonstrated character and trust. However, there are proven strategies that can accelerate this process and help you command respect almost instantly. Drawing from analyses of influential personalities and effective communication methods, here are six psychological tricks that you can implement right away to boost how much respect you garner from others.

Upgrade Your Thin Slice

The concept of a "thin slice" refers to the quick judgments people make within the first few seconds of observing someone. These judgments, while rapid and sometimes subconscious, are incredibly impactful. Improving your thin slice involves dressing just a level nicer than the situation might traditionally call for, much like Ryan Gosling's character in Crazy Stupid Love. This doesn’t mean wearing the most expensive outfit, but rather choosing clothes that fit well and flatter your body shape. The goal here is not to blend in but to stand out positively through your appearance, which fosters a strong first impression.

Take Up More Space

Physical space can be a powerful tool in commanding respect. Leaders like Tony Robbins exemplify this by owning the space they occupy. This doesn’t mean expansive gestures all the time but can be as simple as sitting fully in your chair or standing tall. Before entering a room, try rolling your shoulders back to open up your chest. This small physical adjustment not only boosts your own confidence but also influences how others perceive you – as someone who is confident and self-assured.

Get Comfortable with Platonic Touching

Touch is a powerful tool in human interaction and, when used correctly, can significantly strengthen connections swiftly. It's important to keep touches short (under five seconds), non-central (hands, arms, shoulders), and appropriate. By being a universal 'toucher'—someone who comfortably and equally offers friendly touches to those around—you portray yourself as warm and approachable. Watch for cues, though; if someone seems uncomfortable, respect their space by adjusting your behavior.

Do Not Allow Yourself to Be Cut Off Mid-Sentence

Allowing someone to talk over you during conversations can unintentionally signal that their opinion is more important than yours. To command respect, make it a point to finish your thoughts even when interrupted. This approach was evident in the dynamics during the 2016 Republican primaries, where Donald Trump notably managed to command the stage by asserting his speech. Emulating this method carefully—ensuring not to disrespect others in the process—can help establish your presence in any discussion.

Complement Your Competition

Showing admiration for others, especially your competitors, can paradoxically elevate your standing and command respect. This approach demonstrates confidence and a secure self-image. By acknowledging and praising the strengths and successes of others, as seen in public figures like Jordan Peterson, you position yourself as fair, generous, and open-minded—all traits that naturally attract respect.

Openly Share Your Shortcomings

A surprising way to earn respect is by openly sharing your flaws. This move can seem counterintuitive, as many believe hiding imperfections is the way to maintain respect. However, transparency about your shortcomings can showcase authenticity and relatability. Eminem's performance in the final battle of 8 Mile is a perfect example of this, where his acceptance and openness about his personal life not only won the crowd but also the respect of his peers. Whether through humor or straightforward honesty, owning your story can empower you and inspire respect from others.

By implementing these six strategies, you'll notice a significant change in how people respond to you. These methods can help you project confidence, build instant connections, and command the respect you deserve. Whether in personal relationships, professional settings, or casual interactions, these tricks can enhance your interpersonal effectiveness and help you navigate various social situations with greater ease and confidence. So, try them out and see the difference for yourself!

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